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How to enable or disable JavaScript and ActiveX

by Scott

What is JavaScript and ActiveX? - show description

JavaScript and ActiveX are scripting languages used on websites to include advanced features on their site. Majority of the time they are used to enhance the user experience however malicious sites will use them to exploit security flaws within web browsers. The best way to protect yourself is to only visit sites you trust. Sites with illegal or pornographic content are frequently the source of viruses, spyware, adware and other problems.

The second best method for protecting yourself from these dangers is to disable or turn off the JavaScript or ActiveX scripting features of your browser. Turning off these scripting languages may mean some of the sites you visit may no longer function properly or they may function in a slightly different manner.

ActiveX is a Microsoft proprietary scripting language used by Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and is more commonly exploited. JavaScript was created by Netscape and is sort of a mini version of Java which was created by Sun Microsystems. JavaScript is supported by most Web browsers.

The following information will describe how you can enable or disable one or both of these features within Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

How do I disable or enable JavaScript and ActiveX?

Most browsers support JavaScript by default but will allow you to manually disable it if you would like to. The instructions below will show you how to disable or enable JavaScript on some of the more common browsers. ActiveX is used only in Microsoft's IE browsers so instructions for enabling and disabling ActiveX are only available for IE.

Internet Explorer (all versions): Visit Microsoft's knowledge base article for in-depth information on disabling ActiveX and JavaScript for each version of IE (version 3-6): By default Active X is disabled within IE. When you run across an ActiveX script on a webpage you'll receive a little gold bar asking if you want to allow it.

Firefox: Select "Options" from the "Tools" menu and click on the "Web Features" Button or Tab. Simply uncheck the box labeled "Enable JavaScript" and click OK to disable JavaScript. To re-enable JavaScript simply return the the same location and re-check the "Enable JavaScript" box and press ok.

Opera: Select "Quick Preferences" from the "Tools" menu. Simply remove the checkmark to disable JavaScript from the sub-menu and re-check the box to enable it again.

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